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Piston Accumulators

A Piston Accumulator uses compressed gas as a spring cushion to store energy. A piston-type accumulator uses a piston to separate the compressed gas from the hydraulic fluid. This type of accumulator is known as "hydropneumatic."

ServoCon ALPHA is introducing a range of piston accumulators designed for use in demanding industrial applications with working pressures up to 350 bar where high flow rates and short discharge times are critical, for example in die casting and plastic injection molding where piston speeds of up to 8 m/s are routinely required.

These piston accumulators are designed for general purpose applications where piston speeds and flow rates are relatively low, such as in power units, pressure maintenance and damping applications.

Piston accumulators provide a means of regulating and optimizing the performance of a hydraulic system and are certified to the new CE approval for pressure vessels, recognized and approved for use in all European member states.

They are used in a wide range of industrial applications to supplement pump delivery, reduce energy consumption, protect system components and prolong equipment life, reducing downtime and maintenance requirements.

Their simple and compact design ensures dependable performance with maximum efficiency and service life. Available in a wide variety of lengths, bore sizes from 51 mm to 360 mm, and volumes from 0.1 liters to 300 liters, ServoCon ALPHA piston accumulators are particularly suitable for applications where mounting space is critical.

The same fluid capacity can be achieved from different configurations of bore and overall length, providing exceptional versatility for designers. While the optimum mounting orientation is vertical, angled and horizontal mountings are also acceptable - a major advantage of piston accumulators over bladder types.

To enhance the versatility of ServoCon ALPHA piston accumulator ranges, auxiliary gas bottles are available to provide a remote source of pre-charge pressure in situations where accumulator mounting space is restricted.

Auxiliary gas bottles are also CE approved. Other typical applications for ServoCon ALPHA piston accumulators include:

  • Machine tools — to maintain pressure and reduce pump size
  • Hydraulic presses — to maintain pressure and reduce pump size
  • Die-casting and plastic injection molding processes — to provide the high flow rates necessary for rapid pressure rise
  • Piston and diaphragm pumps — to reduce pump pulsations
  • Turbine engines — to supply oil for lubrication; offshore applications — as a source of emergency power for safety and shut-down systems
  • Wood and paper machinery — to maintain guide and backing roller position and pre-load

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