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Company Profile

An Abstract View

The dedication, training and commitment of our employees are the keys to our success. To assure that we efficiently provide the best products and services to our customers, we utilize the latest in proven technology. Computers are giving us more control of our environment, expanding our reach toward perfection and at the same time allowing us to accomplish tasks that were once impossible. Just as computers are transforming technology, they are also transforming controls in industrial machinery. We are capitalizing on this very fact by implementing what we learn with them. Our product lines are servocontrols and hydraulic products that apply data from computers to difficult challenges resulting in dependable, economical and accurate solutions. The inputs to our products are the small signals sent through printed circuit cards, controlled by computer commands, which produce ultimate control of large machines. These machines are performing heavy work in all phases of industry. As computer technology improves, our company is better equipped to provide excellent products and services to our customers.

Our Commitments

  • making quality products which are dependable and superior
  • pursuing new technology, and use it efficiently and effectively
  • providing our customers with delivery that is realistic and on time
  • providing our customers with support and service that optimizes our relationship
  • being profitable, maintaining financial stability, continuing to grow and to staying abreast of new technology
  • being a responsible corporate team, supporting the communities in which we live and work educationally, environmentally, and culturally
  • providing employees with a challenging and rewarding work experience that reflects our values
  • treating each other with respect, maintain a bond of trust and to communicate openly, regularly, and honestly
  • encouraging individual achievement to find solutions with effective problem solving
  • encouraging employees to initiate improvements which will optimize product quality, while increasing their compensation and security
  • giving employees health care, retirement and other benefits that assures genuine future financial security
  • providing an environment of freedom, safety, comfort with modern facilities making our work time fulfilling and productive
  • promoting a workplace where colleagues help one another, cheer fellow workers, and work as a team towards excellence.
  • continually working hard to fulfill our commitments. We have our objectives clearly before us with the right attitudes to make us succeed everywhere we serve

Controls Capabilities

Our Industrial segment designs, manufactures and services controls for high-performance automated industrial machines both on an OEM basis and in the aftermarket.


ServoCon ALPHA also designs, manufactures and services components and wear-related parts for difficult procurement situations.

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ServoCon ALPHA
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