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What’s New?

ServoCon ALPHA has completely redesigned the website to make it more helpful to provide you with the information you need to keep your fluid power systems operating effectively.

Design Department Changes
We have upgraded our design software from AutoCad to a new parametric modeler. ServoCon has added several design seats of a parametric modeling software, and G-code software to offer the shortest possible delivery of a new part or assembly used in your systems and for our new product development.

The Challenge
Demand has required that ServoCon ALPHA become more independent. The qualified machine shops used in the late 1980's were unable to supply parts in a timely fashion necessary to meet tight schedules demanded by our customers. In 1999 ServoCon ALPHA decided to send several designers to a local community college under a technical training grant from the state of Virginia to learn parametric modeling. This training included the application of the parts that were modeled through G-code software which generates the code to make the parts on the latest equipment available. ServoCon ALPHA has added several new automatic milling machines and lathes with live tooling and 4th axis capability to manufacture fluid power products.

The Solution
After evaluating several packages including AutoCAD Inventor6 and Mechanical Desktop which had been used at ServoCon for many years, we discovered quickly that this new 3D mechanical design software is far superior. Predictable behavior when constraining sketches, three-file architecture, dynamic rotation, easy movement of part files from one assembly to another by dragging and dropping, dissolving and forming subassemblies, and Visual Basic applications were some of the reasons we chose the new software. The software has meant the difference between being able to complete a project and canceling the project because of the problems encountered and the limitations of the previous software we used. We currently are very pleased with this new software technology and will continue to use it and the new products advancements it brings. This new software has shortened the design cycle by 20%, saved thousands of dollars in development costs, and reduced drafting time by 50%. It allows us to complete projects faster with fewer resources.

New Coatings Production Area
ServoCon ALPHA has added a new stripping, coating and painting facility which increases our production of new and remanufactured parts that are coated with the new very hard and durable coatings. These coatings are compatible with the use of corrosive fluids that are used by our customers, and will stand up under industrial environments better than the coatings of the past.

Production Expansion

We have recently expanded our facility and are now capable of fully manufacturing larger control pacs and cylinders. Our new automated machines are capable of providing and even faster turn around than before. Some of the largest in the industry, the lathes and milling machines are polygonal multi-axis  drill, cut, and shape everything from cylinder blocks and shafts to seals and rings. Saving you time and money by doing these things in house, we are professionals keeping you moving.

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