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ServoCon ALPHA’s market place includes Commercial and Military Control Systems and components. While our business began in the automobile tire testing, tread remanufacturing and manufacturing areas, ServoCon ALPHA has diversified into markets with numerous automatic machines with hydraulic controls.

ServoCon ALPHA has customers who use hydraulic controlled Metal Formers. These machines are Die Casters, Punchers, Tube Benders, Powder Presses, Transfer Presses, Melt Furnaces, Deep Drawers, Insulated Metal Wall Production and Press Brakes to mention a few.

We have built facilities for servicing MTS servocontrolled systems used in a variety of material test machine applications. Systems may be linear, rotational or pressure controlled with electrical loops controlling acceleration, velocity, distance and force. The systems are open or closed loop systems with varying accuracies and frequency of motion available.

We have assisted the Entertainment Industry in the areas of theater multiple motion seat actuation, camera motion, animation and emulation products, motion platform rides in theme parks and various hydraulic controlled systems and components.

Plastic injection and blow molders are using ServoCon ALPHA to service and develop new products for their original equipment and after market needs. We remanufacture servovalves for lens manufacturers using the Coburn systems for lens grinding.

The power generators use ServoCon ALPHA to meet the critical outage schedules needed to build and rebuild their controls used to actuate the steam valves for GE, Siemens Westinghouse, ABB and several other retrofitted automated controls on small, medium and large turbines. GE and other Combustion turbine applications have also become a popular controls area where our products and services are required.

Some of the training systems that use our products and services are simulators for flight, driving, ammunition loading, control platforms and control rooms.

The market place of wood and paper has contracted ServoCon for troubleshooting, servicing or modification of products used on canters, saws, carriages, edge controls, optimizers, routers, tension roll winders, and onsite power generation.

The military area is growing in demand for ground support equipment. We are working on projects for gun stabilization platforms, ammunition loading platforms, small helicopter blade testing systems which use Moog 30 series servovalves, large helicopter blade testing which uses an MTS closed loop laminar seal low friction actuator and other ground support test programs. Many of our standard products which are used in the commercial markets were originally developed and qualified for military programs so if you are working on a military program please see our commercial products. As demand increases military products will be posted here.

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